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There are three villages that you can choose to visit:

Vista Alegra, about 3 hours (and 200km) south west of Iquitos on the right hand side of the Ucayali River and home to the Kukuma people.

San Felipe, on the Napo River, 2 days north of Iquitos. Here the campesinos live farming sugar cane, yucca, banana and corn.

During your stay in the village you will have the opportunity to experience the day-to-day life of a villager in the Amazon Basin firsthand. You can learn about their customs and watch them make sustainable handicraft using seeds, palm fibers and wood. During the day excursions onto the river will have you spotting gray and pink dolphins, piranhas, catfish and other native river life. In the afternoon a trek through the jungle will take you to the start of the great Amazon River to watch the sun set.

In the village you can learn about the biodiversity in the area and do your thing to help regenerate the jungle by helping to plant trees. You can also participate in a program teaching the children in the village. This can range from teaching them reading or English, to teaching them about global warming and other topics that go beyond life in the village.

Trip length

Vista Alegre village stay can be for a minimum of 4 days to 20 days or more (in total - including travel time).

San Felipe village stays are for a minimum of 5 days up to 20 days or more (in total, including travel time).


US$75 (252 soles)* per person, per day.

* the village price is negotiable depending on number of days and travellers.


Vista Alegre - The trip commences with overland travel from Iquitos to Nauta (approximately 1.5 hours) where you transfer to a peque peque (canoe with a motor) which takes you via the Rio Marañon and Rio Ucayali to the village of Vista Alegre.

San Felipe – The journey starts by heading down the Amazon, then up-stream on the Napo River heading to Ecuador. The trip takes 2 nights and a day, and we sleep in hammocks on the boat. now we can also have the chance to reach the village by speed boat, 3 to 4 hours.


In the village you are invited to live, share and stay in a small family house. You may choose to sleep in hammocks or on a mattress, with a mosquito net. If you prefer, you can also bring your own tent and set up camp in the village

What is included?

A warm reception at the airport followed by a brief tour of Iquitos, eco-cultural programs during the trip, transfers from Iquitos to the village and back, all meals whilst in the jungle (including water, tea, coffee and milk) and accommodation in the village, a bilingual guide for the duration of the trip, gumboots, mosquito net, hammock.

What is not included?

Things you might want: binoculars, flash light (spare batteries), a tent, some cash for any personal expenses and purchase you wish to make. Don’t forget to bring long sleeved shirts and pants, swimsuit, raincoat, sunglasses, insect repellent, sunscreen and a personal first-aid kit.

Other things

We buy the food for your meals during your stay from the village. This helps keep the benefits of your visit local. The women in the village make jewellery and other handicraft. For those that are interested, bring some money to take home locally made souvenirs.

It is by no means expected but some visitors like to bring small gifts or trinkets for the villagers. Small toys, colouring in books, crayons, the sorts of things we probably take for granted back home, are always excitedly received by the children. Be creative and bring something that will let you teach them something about your home country too.

  • Jungle Adventure Tour Get your thrills in the Amazon rainforest, swing on a vine, pat some spiders and camp under the stars. Get off 'the beaten track' in the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve.
  • Comfort Tour Enjoy the sights and sounds of the jungle from the comfort of a cabin. Experience jungle walks and canoe trips knowing that you'll be coming home to your bed at the lodge.
  • Village Stay Tour Experience life in the Amazon first hand. Eat, sleep, learn, play, live and laugh with and like the locals in one of three villages.