We run our tours for the benefit of visitors to the rainforest but also in such a way as to promote environmental conservation and sustainable tourism. We are not registered as a not-for-profit organisation (we are only small) however most of our profits go back into the community. We have tree-planting programs, assist villagers with education and medical supplies, or provide funds to a project aimed at assisting young people from remote villages to further their education in the city.

  • Little Geraldine and Blandela (May's nieces)
  • Little locals
  • Boat and stairs
  • Jungle Adventure Tour Get your thrills in the Amazon rainforest, swing on a vine, pat some spiders and camp under the stars. Get off 'the beaten track' in the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve.
  • Comfort Tour Enjoy the sights and sounds of the jungle from the comfort of a cabin. Experience jungle walks and canoe trips knowing that you'll be coming home to your bed at the lodge.
  • Village Stay Tour Experience life in the Amazon first hand. Eat, sleep, learn, play, live and laugh with and like the locals in one of three villages.