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Hello and bienvenidos! We are Allpayacu Amazon Tours, here to guide you as you step through the great green jungle curtain and begin your extraordinary Amazon adventure. Are you seeking to swim with piranhas? Have you always wanted to pat a tarantula? Or does a serene river boat ride to a village where the locals greet you warmly better suit your ideal itinerary?

Based in Iquitos (Peru) our tours head into the Amazon Basin in various compass point directions, focusing on giving you the kind of experience you want. Our passionate and enthusiastic guide May is a local and has lived in the Amazon Basin all his life. He has a deep love of the jungle and all its inhabitants; the plants, the wildlife and the locals, placing him in the perfect position to introduce you to the Amazon.

Please, explore our website further and let us know how we can best help you. Design and combine your tour to your interests, comfort and adventure or village and adventure.

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Our Tours

Our aim is to have our travellers come away with a unique and authentic experience of the magnificent Amazon jungle, its biodiversity and its people.
Iquitos and the jungle have so much to offer and we understand that everyone has different interests, motivations, and time and money constraints. To accommodate this we offer three flexible tour options.


Jungle adventure

Jungle Adventure Tour

Get your thrills in the rainforest. Fill your days with activities and spend your nights camping under the stars. The Amazon jungle certainly has a lot to offer those that want to get off 'the beaten track' (given how fast things grow in this climate, it doesn't take long for the beaten-track to disappear under jungle growth). In the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve you will really be able to appreciate the vast spectrum of biodiversity that makes up the Amazon.


Village Stay

Village Stay Tour

Experience life in the Amazon first hand. Eat, sleep, learn, play, live and laugh with and like the locals in one of three villages. Village stays are about an exchange; an exchange of culture, wisdom, experiences and teaching. Whilst the Amazonian villagers share their daily activities with you, and teach you about life in the jungle, you also contribute by teaching children, telling stories, planting trees or helping with whatever needs to be done on that day.


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Comfort Jungle Tour

Enjoy the sights and sounds of the jungle from the comfort of a cabin. This is the tour for those that would like to experience what it's like spending your days in the Amazon jungle, going on walks, riding down the river in a canoe, knowing that you'll be coming home to your bed at the lodge. The trip can also include visits to local villages or even an ayahuasca ceremony with a shaman.


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How to book a tour

To make a booking, or enquire about one of our tours, complete the contact form below.

Make sure you include the tour, the number of people, and the dates you would like to reserve. We will then get in touch with you to confirm details such as price and availability and discuss any other questions you might have.

We look forward to hearing from you.

  • Make new friends
  • Meet a local
  • Watch an Amazon sunset
  • Find your own path
  • Our Tours Our aim is to have our travellers come away with a unique and authentic experience of the magnificent Amazon jungle...
  • Meet May My full name is May Jony Arriaga Chavez. I was born in a small village on the right bank of the Napo River...
  • Our Philosophy Our tours are run not only for the benefit of visitors to the rainforest, but in such a way as to promote environmental...